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The name Carnet Books is associated with the ideal fusion of aesthetics, creativity, and functionality. It is a brand that includes a family of completely original book concepts for knowledge preservation, enhancing productivity, and improving responsiveness. It is also perfect for task planning, task execution, and monitoring professional development. All of our products are exquisitely made and precisely designed, and writing in them makes taking notes easy exactly where you need them.



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Quality Assurance

Our Mission

Carnet upholds quality over everything. We prioritize our customers and strongly feature you for our success. We take pride in always improving our capabilities while being mindful of the needs of the budget in today’s ever-changing economic climate. We aim for excellence in quality and customer service. We are renowned for providing excellent client service, offering cutting-edge designs, and producing products of exceptional quality.

Our Vision

Carnet strives to achieve a harmony between nature and culture; apply this philosophy to all of the goods and provide quality notebooks for creatives. The environmentally friendly notebooks of Carnet provide you with a space to be imaginative and express yourself, regardless of your style preferences. Carnet notebooks are biodegradable expressing the responsibility over nature and endeavours to protect it at any cost without compromising quality.

Our Values

The future of our country relies on creative younger spirits. We strive to develop the writing skill of every child by offering quality books to sprout their imagination and creativity. Let them be blessed by muse and bring forth creative works by fostering their knowledge and reading skills. We promise to impart the values of education and its benefits to every household with quality Carnet products.

Message from Managing Director

Being the customer’s first choice is something we take great delight in doing. From its inception, Carnet has witnessed consistent growth, achieved long-term success and faced challenging times. We hastened our growth with the support and strength of our enormous labour force which includes 70% of women reflecting our vision of women empowerment. Our eco-friendly and transformative business model is one which promotes women in the workforce and prioritizes quality products. Through these efforts we have positively impacted our stakeholders, particularly our customers. We’ll constantly strive to give consumers excellent service and products at reasonable prices. By opening a world of imagination and inducing the spirit of education we promise to curate better citizens of the future by enhancing their writing skills and creativity. We intend to expand globally vowing to broaden our mission and vision in a greater spectrum ensuring a sustainable eco-friendly nature.

Alex Kuruvilla

(Managing Director)

Our Team

Carnet adheres to the fact that it’s not about the tactics but the strategy that makes the difference. We are an excellent professional team of high-spirited individuals with creative strategies that mark our significance. Understanding the geopolitics of our roots we advocate women’s empowerment not in just words but instead with a staff strength of 70% women. Thus, we put forth the vision of growth at all our levels. Carnet is a journey of reliable resources with enormous labourer wealth.